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About Us

We are puzzlers ourselves. Most of us have been doing puzzles since we were kids. So the chance to work for a puzzle company and a chance to sell puzzles to fellow puzzlers is perfect for us.


Indiana and the Lafayette area has a concentration of puzzle companies and manufacturers. It is no wonder why this is the case. The area is a great place to raise a family. Family time is important. Multiple generations of family are together quite often. And puzzles are a great way to bring families together. 


As you explore our website and review our puzzles, drop us a note and let us know what types of puzzles you like. Let us know which ones on the site are your favorites and what subjects we are missing. You should hear some of the discussions we have when we are selecting images. Everyone has their favorites. And ones that are not their favorites. But like a family we find a way to channel these disagreements into something positive. And in the end, I think our puzzle images and artists are some of the very best. They are the best because we are willing to listen to each other and give a new subject or a new artist a chance. Sometimes is works. And sometimes it doesn’t. Thankfully, it works more often than not.


Join our discussion. Send us an e-mail at – Tell us who you are and why you like doing puzzles. We are curious about the types of puzzles you like and the ones you do not like. Is the piece count most important? Or is it something else? What is the first thing you notice about a puzzle? And finally, how are we doing? What should we be doing differently?


We cannot wait to hear from you.


The Lafayette Puzzle Factory Team